Moving Cities: What to Consider Before Moving to a Smaller City

Moving Cities: What to Consider Before Moving to a Smaller City

While moving to a smaller city can sound like an excellent way to escape the hustle and bustle of a big city, there are still numerous factors to consider when deciding to settle in a quieter landscape. There are definite pros to small-town living, but if you have grown fond and accustomed to the accessibility and diversity of city living, moving to a smaller city will require time to adjust to your new lifestyle and environment. 

Do not wait until moving day to look into the realities of living in a smaller city. It is best to have some idea of what it is like so that you are not completely shocked by the lifestyle of small-town living.


Review the real estate market

Being away from the big city means more accessible affordable housing. You will find that new constructions are popping up in many communities 20 km away from big cities, and that is because more and more young families are making the move to smaller towns to raise their children.

However, prices in specific rural markets have risen with a significant shift from city to country living. It would help if you adequately reviewed the real estate market before making any offers on a home. 

Check the job market

The job market in a small town does not usually offer a wide variety of careers, and it can be tricky to find employment if you specialize in a specific industry. Many families move to a smaller city to afford a larger home, but they still find work in bigger cities, leading to a longer commute.

However, times have been changing with the ability to work from home. If you can work remotely, which has become quite common for various jobs in multiple industries, moving to a smaller town can allow you to enjoy affordable living while still keeping your position at a company in a big metropolis.

Look into transportation options

Living in a small town means sacrificing accessibility to a practical public transport system or having access to essential businesses within walking distance of your home. Buses and metros are not standard in less populated cities, leaving most residents to depend on their cars to get around. 

Consider the cost of living and research lifestyle

An excellent moving tip is to research and consider how your lifestyle will change when moving to a less populated town. The cost of living in a small country town is considerably less than in a big metropolis. Be aware that while you can afford a family home, you are letting go of the advantages of being near a downtown center with access to different commercial areas that provide jobs, health services, varied entertainment, and dining choices.

The lifestyle in smaller countryside towns does away with the rushed pace of living in most large city centers. That can be ideal for you if that type of life no longer appeals to you. 

Being away from a large city also means quicker access to beautiful nature spots and national parks. So often, the big city can feel claustrophobic with its tall buildings and lack of trees. Smaller towns take pride in the nature surrounding them, and many throughout Canada have tried to preserve the ecosystems home to various species of wildlife. 

Furthermore, you may find that raising a family in a smaller town works out quite well. Neighborhoods tend to be safer, and other children are easier to meet in close-knit communities.

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