Terms of Service

1. Liability of Carrier: The carrier of the goods herein described is liable for any loss or damage to the goods accepted by them or their agent, except as herein provided.

2. Exceptions from Liability: Loss, damage, or delay of goods caused by an Act of God, riots, strikes, a defect or inherent vice in the goods. An act by the consignor or their representative or an authority of law. Damage to packed items that were not packed AND unpacked by the carrier, or improperly packed i.e.: if a crate was recommended but the shipper chooses not to have the item crated. Damage to electronic items if no physical damage is done to the exterior of the item. Food, Frozen or fresh Plants, including the pots they plants are in. Plant pots not packed, or plant pots exposed to outdoor conditions as over time weathering causes items to become brittle or prone to chipping and cracking. Owner packed items are never covered for any breakage. Press wood furniture, flat-pack IKEA-type furniture, furniture that comes disassembled from manufacturer for customer assembly usually does not move well unless disassembled. We do not expect the furniture to be taken apart but will not be liable for damages. Broken and previously repaired items when the damage is to the same area as previously repaired. Pole lamps not disassembled by customers. Items not well built, loose or damaged before moving, weak or items not fit for moving. When damages occur to a set then only the damaged item will have compensation. Jewellery, Money, Coins or Precious metals, Precious and Semi-precious gems.

3. Delay: At the time of booking of the contract, a delivery date or transit time guide will be applied. Failure by the carrier to deliver the goods within the time specified may render them liable for reasonable food and lodging expenses incurred by the shipper. Delays of non-essential items are without compensation. EXCEPTION: Delays due to Adverse weather conditions or impassible routes renders the shipment as non-deliverable. See item 11: UN-deliverable goods When a shipper delays an agreed delivery or gives inadequate notification of delivery requests, additional charges may apply by either waiting time, hold fees or handling and storage. It is the shipper’s responsibility to clearly identify and advise access issues either at origin or destination. Failure to do so may result in additional fees.

4. Valuation: Any loss or damage to which the carrier is liable, whether the loss results from the actions of the carrier or its employees, shall be computed based on the value of the item at the time and place of the incident (meaning Current Market Value). This amount will be computed at a maximum rate of 0.60 per pound per item unless the option for Full Value Protection is signed for prior to loading and additional charges apply. If the Valuation option is taken, then it must be for the entire time of the shipment is in transit or storage. Full Value Protection is based on Current Market Value to a maximum of $10 per pound per item. See item 7: Articles of Extraordinary Value.

5. Maximum Liability: As stated in 4 the maximum liability of a shipment will be based on the 0.60 per pound based on the estimated weight if a scaled weight is not available and no Full Value option is taken by the shipper or offered by the carrier. Some circumstances, Full Value Protection is not offered. Full Value option is when the carrier accepts full liability beyond the 0.60 per pound based on a declared value by the shipper which then a premium is paid.

6. Notice of Claim: No carrier is liable for loss or damage to any goods carried under this Bill of lading if the damage or loss is not reported to the carrier in a timely fashion. Damages must be reported in writing to the carrier within 30 days from the date of delivery. Missing items must be reported to the carrier within 7 days from the date of delivery. Door to Door moves – unless there is evidence of a break-in, no missing item claims will be accepted if the items were shipped directly to a new location, therefore did not come off the truck or trailer during the move process. Only one final statement of claim will be filed and accepted per shipment.

7. Articles of Extraordinary Value: Any items with extraordinary value must be made known to the carrier prior to the shipping and special arrangements or coverage may be made. If such goods are carried without prior knowledge or agreement, then the carrier should not be held liable to any loss or damages. High Value items need to be declared on the Bill of Lading. A high value item is considered any individual item with a value more than its weight x $10. It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure all high value items are declared and recognized by the carrier.

8. Transportation Costs: Transportation costs are either based on the weight of the shipment, and/or hourly cost. In some cases, the price given may be a binding quote. Please check on how your service was priced. Most services are based on ESTIMATES only. In the event a service or shipment is overestimated by more than 10%, an automatic audit is done by Management and Accounting office to ensure the charges are correct. It is never the intention of the company or its Estimators to underestimate. Most move services will be subject to actual time or actual weight.

9. Payment: Payment must be made by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Cash, or certified cheque. Shipper is liable for all charges detailed on the Bill of Lading. Any outstanding charges remaining due after completion of service will be billed to the credit card on file or charged to the customer with related additional fees for late payment. Any damage/loss sustained during the move and identified at the time does not release the client from obligation to pay all related charges for the move or service.

10. Dangerous Goods / Liquids: Dangerous goods may not be shipped. Propane, Gasoline, fuels, corrosives, cleaners, etc. Liquids may be shipped only in containers that are resistant to leaking or breakage and it is the shipper’s full responsibility for any leakage or damage caused by leakage. In the case of multiple shipments on one truck, the liability is for all shipments on the truck and not just limited to the shipment with the liquids. We highly recommend that NO liquids are shipped.

11. UN-deliverable Goods: Where, at no fault of the carrier, the goods cannot be delivered, the shipper will be notified and await further instructions. Pending the instructions from the shipper, the goods may be placed into storage and reasonable handling and storage charges will apply.

12. Alterations: All changes to the original contract or service must be in writing and confirmed. Verbal changes unconfirmed by written instruction cannot be guaranteed.

13. Clarification: The conditions listed on this page are for informational purposes and if you have any questions regarding your specific shipment, then please contact Arrowsmith Moving & Storage Ltd office or your relocation consultant. If you have any requests that differ from these conditions, please feel free to discuss them with us and get any different arrangements and agreements in writing.

14. Absent Customers: We encourage our customers to remain with us throughout the entire move, not least because when we are moving items such as furniture you can then point out any scratches, marks, or dents that we may have missed, or vice versa. If, for whatever reason you are not available during your move, or if you need to leave during your move, we will need you to sign a release acknowledging that you accept all of the items in the condition that we bring them to you. Under these circumstances, we will not be responsible for any missing or damaged items, nor will we be held responsible for any items that were not moved.

15. Risky Tasks: Our movers will not be held responsible for damage caused by non-routine moving practices, including but not limited to standing pieces on end, sharp turns, over-crowded work areas, crooked stairways, snags and sharp edges in work areas and doorways, passing items over balconies and railings, and tight squeezes. You will be asked to sign a waiver if our movers agree to attempt any non-routine moving request.

16. Cancellations and Rescheduling: Arrowsmith Moving and Storage requires a reservation deposit for local moves, and we charge a fee if you need to cancel. Arrowsmith Moving and Storage does not charge any fees or penalties for rescheduling your move. We do ask as a return courtesy that you give us as much advance notice as possible when there are any potential date changes. We will do everything in our power to accommodate your new move date, but we are only as flexible as our schedule allows us to be. If your new desired date is not available, we will schedule you on the closest possible day when the required resources are available.

17. Contact Information: It is the responsibility of the customer to check that your address and contact information is correct on your moving contract. If there are any changes with addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information that must be made it is the customer's responsibility to let us know prior to your move. Anytime waiting because Arrowsmith Moving & Storage cannot get in touch is on the responsibility of the customer. If a delay causes a conflict of scheduling, we at Arrowsmith Moving will do our best to reschedule you to the next requested date but know it may be unavailable. If no warning of changes to any aforementioned contact information is made, Arrowsmith Moving & Storage takes no responsibility in any delays or cancellations that may occur.

18. Safety: Arrowsmith Moving & Storage reserves the right to refuse any service or request that it deems unsafe, unreasonable, or hazardous to either you, the company, and/or their goods or equipment. In addition, our movers have the right to refuse any item or request they deem unsafe, unsanitary, or may cause property damage.

19. Crew Size(s): Arrowsmith Moving & Storage reserves the right to send fewer, or additional men than quoted to complete any service, solely at the company's discretion. The hourly rate charged will be according to the number of men/trucks assigned to the job, and always within the regulation of the Max-4 tariff. Although the crew size may change, the Not-To-Exceed price quoted for your move will not change, regardless of crew size. Reasons for an adjustment to the crew size may include, but not limited to; Labor Laws, Hours of Service Regulations for drivers, available company resources, scheduling requirements, and/or weather concerns.

20. Appliances: Arrowsmith Moving & Storage will transport washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances. All these appliances must be disconnected from power, water and gas lines. It is highly recommended to contact a professional plumber to handle these disconnections and re-connections. Arrowsmith Moving & Storage will not be held liable for any leaks or damage that may result if not properly being drained and disconnected. All front load washers must have blocking kit installed for transportation.

21. Water Lines and Shut-Off Valves: Have a towel handy, if your refrigerator or washer has a water line connected, it will need to be disconnected. Arrowsmith Moving and Storage does carry the necessary tools to disconnect the water line, but in some cases the water lines need to be shut off from somewhere in the home other than the back of the fridge. Since every system is different, it’s important to locate all shut off valve(s) prior to the day of your move. Water and drain connections are your responsibility but Arrowsmith Moving and Storage will assist with this task as a courtesy only. Once disconnected, existing water from the hose may drain onto the floor. It is also common for a water shut-off valve to deteriorate over time. When the hose is disconnected, the valve may not close completely and may drip or leak. Please inspect your valve(s) once the hose and appliance have been disconnected.

22. Refrigerators and Freezers: Must be empty and defrosted. Defrost appliances 48 hours prior to the move. Upright freezers (with lid on top) may be left full only if there are no steps or stairs to go up or down, and you are moving locally (less than 50 miles of driving). Arrowsmith Moving and Storage will not be liable for any damage that occurs to the appliance if moved with contents inside or for any water damage that occurs due to appliance leaking water.

23. Lawn Mowers, Engines, and Power Tools: All gasoline, oils, and fluids must be drained from all lawn mowers, engines, power tools, and the like. If this is not done prior to the move, Arrowsmith Moving and Storage will not be held liable for any circumstances that may arise due to these hazardous materials.

24. Electronics: Unless you have contracted packing services, it is your responsibility to disconnect and pack wires, cables, and cords from electronics such as computers, TVs, stereo systems, and the like. Arrowsmith Moving & Storage will not disconnect, reconnect, or set up any computer, stereo, or audio/video systems. Barring any outward damage or negligence shown, the functionality of internal components of electronics will not be covered by Arrowsmith Moving and Storage.

25. Plants: Arrowsmith Moving & Storage will transport plants but your last watering should be at least 3 days prior to your scheduled move. Leaking plants may compromise the condition of your items in the truck. Plants may also have insects, spiders, or other pests that will be inside an enclosed truck with the rest of your household goods. Plants can be challenging to move, but even more challenging to protect. Arrowsmith Moving & Storage will not be liable for the health or condition of plants upon arrival. We will, however, take all precautions and protect your important plants to the best of our ability.

26. Pots, Planters, and Barrels: When possible, plants and dirt should be removed from pots, planters, and barrels prior to transportation. When this is not possible, Arrowsmith Moving and Storage will take all reasonable action to transport your pots, planters, and barrels as-is. Please keep in mind that the soil and plants can add extreme weight that will put a lot of stress on the container. This can lead to cracking, breakage, and deterioration of the container, especially with outdoor containers. Arrowsmith Moving & Storage will not be held liable for damage to pots, planters, and/or barrels when transported full.

27. Stone-Related Items: All items made of stone, concrete, porcelain, terracotta, clay, etc... may have internal/external chipping or cracking due to drying out, weathering, or plant growth. These cracks and/or chipping may not be visible and even with proper padding/care can still result in further damage. Also marble, granite, stone, etc. surface tops of furniture with previous cracks or repairs cannot be held to Arrowsmith Moving & Storage accountability if further damage occurs.

28. Wall Attachments and Fixtures: Arrowsmith Moving & Storage will not remove any screws, bolts, or items from any wall. This includes TV Mounts, light fixtures, chandeliers, shelving, cabinets, and any other item(s) that are attached to a wall. It is your responsibility to have everything ready for transportation prior to the arrival of the crew. Arrowsmith Moving & Storage also will not attach or hang anything on any wall. This includes pictures, mirrors and/or any type of item listed above.

29. Rental Truck(s), Self-Storage, Containers, PODS, etc.: When Arrowsmith Moving & Storage provides loading and/or unloading of your rental truck, self-storage unit, container, or POD, Arrowsmith Moving & Storage is only responsible for items while in its immediate care. When the doors are closed, Arrowsmith Moving & Storage liability ends. Arrowsmith Moving & Storage will not be liable for any damage to your goods while not in our immediate care such as; in transit inside your rental truck(s), inside self-storage, container, or POD. If Arrowsmith Moving & Storage comes to move these items at a later date, it is considered a completely new job.

30. Exterior Risks: Driving over the lawn, sidewalk or other areas not suitable for a truck may cause tire ruts, cracking of concrete, damage to plants/trees, damage to sprinklers and/or light fixtures. Arrowsmith Moving and Storage is not responsible for any of the damages and/or towing charges that may occur if you request/require us to perform any of the actions listed above. Previously Damaged Items: Arrowsmith Moving & Storage is not responsible for items with existing damage done prior to our services taking place. In addition, Arrowsmith Moving & Storage is not responsible for damage that may occur to items that have previous damage, repairs, defects, or weakness.

31. Cribs, Bunk Beds, and Murphy Beds: Arrowsmith Moving & Storage will not disassemble or reassemble cribs, murphy beds, and/or bunk beds. Due to the fact that a wide variety of cribs and/or bunk beds and murphy Beds exist, each of which differs in construction, it is up to you to assemble and confirm the structural integrity of the crib and/or bunk beds and Murphy beds after moving services have been completed.

32. Trampolines: Arrowsmith Moving & Storage will not disassemble or reassemble large trampolines. We will handle and transport trampolines once broken down. It is up to you to assemble and confirm the structural integrity of the trampoline after moving services have been completed.

33. Aquariums, Terrariums, & Animal Habitats: Arrowsmith Moving & Storage will only move empty aquariums, terrariums, or habitats. This means that all water needs to be completely drained, and it needs to be empty of all contents. Under no circumstances will Arrowsmith Moving & Storage transport live animals of any type, including fish, birds, lizards, turtles, and snakes. Large or delicate habitats may require crating prior to the move. Please consult your estimator with any questions prior to your move.

34. Items of Excessive Weight: Arrowsmith Moving & Storage will not carry or transport items of excessive weight up or down any flights of stairs or terrain if deemed unsafe by the movers or furniture/property damage could occur.

35. Pianos: Arrowsmith Moving & Storage can expertly disassemble, protect, transport, and set up all types of upright, grand, and concert pianos. However, we will not carry or transport pianos up or down any flights of stairs. In addition, you will likely need to schedule a professional to tune and inspect the working elements of the piano after the move. Barring any outward damage or negligence shown, Arrowsmith Moving and Storage will not be held liable for the internal components of any musical instrument.

36. Gun Safes: Arrowsmith Moving & Storage can expertly handle, protect, and transport all types of gun safes and fireproof cabinets up to 1,200 lbs. For any items more than 1,200 lbs., a third-party service may be required. In addition, Arrowsmith Moving & Storage will not carry or transport these types of items up or down any flights of stairs.

37. Pool Tables: Arrowsmith Moving & Storage will not disassemble or reassemble pool tables. We will expertly handle and transport pool tables once broken down and prepared for transport by a third-party service. Arrowsmith Moving & Storage also will not attempt to transport any pool table that has not been properly broken down and prepared for transport prior to the move. Pool tables require a professional to disassemble, crate the slate slabs, reassemble, re-felt, and level a pool table. While we can recommend a third-party service, this service is beyond our level of expertise.

38. Grandfather Clocks: Unless packing services have been contracted, it is your responsibility to prepare your grandfather clock for transport. Preparation includes but is not limited to: remove and pack pendulum, remove and pack weights, and tie cables or chains to prevent tangling or damage. We will expertly handle and transport grandfather clocks once prepared for transport. In addition, you will likely need to schedule a professional to inspect the working elements of the grandfather clock after the move. Barring any outward damage or negligence shown, Arrowsmith Moving and Storage will not be held liable for the internal components of any grandfather clock.

39. Packed by Owner Box Policy (PBO): If you choose to do your own packing, please be advised Arrowsmith Moving and Storage is not responsible for the contents of a PBO carton unless negligence or mishandling is shown. If you have not already done so, please contact our office for a packing estimate. If you wish to do your own packing, please follow these guidelines:

a. ) All items that can fit into a standard carton (1.5 to 6 cubic ft.) must be packed. This includes but is not limited to: lamp shades and table lamp bases, electronics, decor, misc. items, etc. The exception to this policy are extra heavy items such as weights and floor speakers. Please refer to the Moving Tips section of our website or contact our office if you have any questions about packing or specific items.

b. ) All boxes: shall be NEW or in "like-new" condition. Never use crumpled or deteriorating boxes for packing.

c. ) All boxes: must be sealed with a lid and taped securely with professional packing tape. Identify the contents of each box along with the designated rooms where they should be delivered. It is advised to label both the top and one side of each carton for easy identification when stacked. Where applicable, clearly label boxes "fragile", with arrows on the box indicating the correct upright position. Do not leave any boxes with open tops.

d. ) All boxes: should be less than 50 lbs. Never pack goods too tightly, but pack to the top of the box. Small boxes should be used for small, heavy articles like books, records, and canned goods; large boxes for light items like bedding and linens. Dishes, glasses, and fragile items should be packed in small cartons or specialty dish packs.

40. Flat Screen Televisions: All televisions that fall under the description of flat panel (LED, LCD, Plasma) are extremely sensitive items and must be moved in the original factory packaging or an approved equivalent. Arrowsmith Moving and Storage is not liable for any flat panel TVs that are not moved in the above manner. If you request a flat panel TV to be moved without proper packaging, you release Arrowsmith Moving and Storage from any liability for any damage that may occur to the television during or after Arrowsmith Moving and Storage Inc services.