Common Moving Challenges

Common Moving Challenges

Moving can be an exciting time filled with new opportunities, experiences, and the promise of a fresh start in your life. Moving can also be stressful with several challenges if not done right. With some quality moving tips to help you be proactive and prepared, you can be assured your move will be enjoyable.


Too Many Belongings


If you have lived in your home for a long time or have a medium to large-sized family, you likely have many belongings. Your possessions hold memories that you may want to hold on to, but when preparing to move, some of these items may hold you back from allowing new memories into your life.


Moving time is an opportunity to declutter and streamline your life. Rather than lug everything from your old residence to your new one, take some time to eliminate some of your belongings that you no longer need or use.


An easy packing tip is to make “donate,” “keep,” and “throw out” piles as you go through your goods, helping you to decide which items to take with you and what could better serve someone else. 


Failing to Plan Your Move 


Planning and organization are essential for a streamlined move. If you don’t adequately plan your move, you could scramble, miss important details, and experience regrets.


Another easy-to-do moving tip is to create a packing plan and schedule. Having a plan and a timeline will keep you from falling behind.


Being organized also decreases the likelihood of missing any crucial steps. As part of this plan, put hiring a moving company at the top of the list. 


Moving companies tend to book up quickly and having an experienced team helping you move will reduce your chances of feeling overwhelmed. Having as much support as possible during a stressful time is the best way to make the experience enjoyable.


Another major component to planning a seamless move is ensuring you have a reliable person to take care of your pets or small children on moving day.


Lost or Damaged Items


Regarding packing tips for moving, it is important to take care of items that could easily be damaged. Wrapping your fragile items in bubble wrap or other protective material will add protection from damage. 


You will want to pack these items tightly, so there is no room for banging around the box. Be sure to label the boxes with fragile items, so they are not inadvertently placed at the bottom of a heavy stack.


Securely wrap larger items like televisions, cabinets with glass doors, and other delicate furniture. If possible, remove the legs, knobs, and handles from large items so they won’t get caught or bumped during the move.


Any highly delicate possessions should be moved separately by car rather than having them loaded on the moving truck or van.


Not Enough Packing Materials


Perhaps the most ignored moving tip is ensuring you have enough packing materials before you move. You will need plenty of boxes of various sizes, packing tape, wrapping and cushioning materials, and much more. Moving companies are either in full supply of what you need or will know where to direct you.


Make Your Move Stress Free


If you need help making your move stress free, choosing an experienced moving company is crucial. To get a quote for your move or to talk to our team, please call us at (250) 248-5021 or contact us online.