How to Make Local Moving Easy

Although moving to a new home within the same city may be a simple task, short-distance moving can be as stressful as its long-distance counterpart. Never underestimate how any type of relocation can have its own set of challenges. To assist you with your local move, we have developed a list of helpful moving tips for you to get the most out of your future move.

Avoid Packing Heavy Items in a Large Box

Heavy items are already quite challenging to carry on their own. Grouping them in a large box renders it nearly impossible to move without a second pair of arms. You want to get through your moving day without a broken back. 

Do yourself a favour, and store your heavier possessions in small containers and lighter items in larger ones. Doing so makes the job of carrying them much more manageable. 

How you pack your heavier items is also key. Protect them with heavy-duty bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard. The small box where you place your heavier items should be of a higher, studier quality. You can avoid seeing your possessions fall out when you lift them from the house to the moving truck with strong packing tape. 

Avoid Skipping on Labelling Your Boxes 

You need to keep mental tabs on so many aspects of your move, such as scheduling time off work to complete the move, packing your belongings up, and remembering to prepare an overnight bag with the bare necessities. A smooth move is all about proper planning and foresight to get rid of any potential stressors. Remove the headache of knowing where each box belongs in your new home by correctly labelling them.

Avoid Ignoring Insurance 

It would help if you considered protecting your assets with moving insurance. Relocating puts your belongings at risk of being damaged and stolen. Moving insurance coverage will help you get reimbursed for any mishaps during the move. You never know when something can go wrong. Therefore it is better to protect yourself if you hire a moving company.

Released Value Protection is included in your relocation price and is found in all contracts for transporting your items. It is not the best option because coverage is limited. Replacement Value Protection is required to guarantee that your belongings are sufficiently covered during your move.

Avoid Being a Backseat Mover

While it is essential to keep tabs on your belongings, it is also in your best interest to let professional moving companies do their job without too much interference. You are expected to warn them of any fragile items, but the need to monitor their every move is unnecessary. 

Hiring a trustworthy moving company is essential. To find out if they are, you can always run through a simple checklist to ensure they are legitimate: Are they licensed? Do they have good customer reviews? Do they charge more than the initial estimate? Are they charging by the cubic footage instead of weight? Finally, are they asking you to sign a contract before seeing your home and giving you an estimate? 

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