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A Comprehensive Guide to Planning For a Long-Distance Move

Long-distance moving can be challenging. The move will mean travelling hundreds of kilometres with your life packed in boxes. The only way to experience a smooth long-distance move is to utilize a long-distance moving guide like this one to help you prepare for the unexpected.


What is the Reason for Moving? 


The planning phase is crucial to the success of your family's relocation. Your chances of a seamless long-distance move are greater when you plan ahead. It’s important to consider your reasons for the move as each reason comes with its own needs and challenges when preparing. 


Is your reason a new career path, a job promotion, a change in the family dynamic caused by divorce or a new baby? Are you moving to attend university or even just for a change of scenery and lifestyle? 


Whatever your reason for moving, the location of your residence, proximity to certain businesses, health providers, or other personal preferences, must be considered. It is always best to plan your long-distance move around that reason to help better you stay on the right path. 


For example, if you are moving to a smaller home because your kids have grown up and moved out, it may be worthwhile to make a profit by selling furniture you will no longer need. If you are moving because of work, you will want to be sure your commute fits your lifestyle. 


Your Children 


When you are part of a family, any life-altering decision has to be made with everyone's future in mind. Moving with children brings a set of its own challenges that need to be considered for their health and well-being. 


Being a new student at school is stressful, especially if it occurs during a current school year. If possible, waiting for your child(ren) to complete the current school year could help reduce struggles.  Relocating when school is out during the summer your child can have time to get accustomed to the new city and neighbourhood.


Cost of Relocation 


It is essential to evaluate the total costs of relocating to a new city. Some things you will need to consider are the travel time and what supplies you will need while travelling. These costs can include sleeping accommodations if the journey will take more than one day. When moving it is important to budget the cost of movers, fuel, emergency funds, and of course the cost of living in this new place. 


How Much Time Do You Need?


It is always excellent to have a solid plan for a big, life-altering long-distance move. Rushing the process and postponing packing and preparations is a sure way to bring chaos and stress into your life.


Avoid the crunch time and unplanned expenses by having a concrete plan personalized to your moving needs. The more time you give yourself to be organized and prepared, the better it will be for you and your family. 


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