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Learn How To Declutter Your Home Before Your Move

Less is more; the old saying applies so well to the realities of moving. Think about it; if you have less stuff to move, you will have more peace of mind, more freedom to plan your new living space, and more time to focus on other things concerning your big move. It is a no-brainer to go through everything you own in an orderly manner and properly sort what you truly need in your new home and what you could do without. 

There are several moving tips out there, but one of the most important is knowing how to declutter your home before settling into a new one. Read on to learn some valuable decluttering tips to make your move hassle-free this time around. 

Give Yourself Time

If you find your home filled with an overabundance of material possessions, it is best to give yourself enough time to sort through every single object. A day before the movers arrive will not suffice; you need to set aside a few hours each day for two to four weeks to sort your belongings properly. By giving yourself ample time to complete such an enormous task, you take away the pressures and the stress of having to rush through what should be a carefully-thought process. 

Start a Necessities Box

On moving day, the day you’ll depart to your new home, you’ll want easy access to everything you cannot live without daily. This can range from toiletries, simple tools like a box cutter to help unpack your items, clothes, electronic devices, and important documents. Ensure your necessities box is labelled correctly and keep it close for easy access; you never know when you may need something!

Leave the Mementos for Last

Going through mementos and deciding which ones to keep can be extremely overwhelming and challenging. So much emotion and memories are tied to keepsakes, making decluttering them more difficult. Give yourself enough time to decide which ones to keep. 

Rushing through may lead you to regret your decisions later. We recommend holding on to family photo albums and valuable family heirlooms, as these items help define your family history and can never be replaced. 

If you are holding on to something less important, like an old winter coat that once belonged to a deceased family member or perhaps a gift you have not used in decades, then it is time to let go. Remember, the decision is entirely up to your discretion, so please take your time. 

Use the 3-Box Decluttering Trick

Stay organized by employing the 3-box method of sorting your belongings. One box is for what you wish to hold on to; a second is for donations or selling; the third is for anything you want to trash. Using this method will keep you on track to staying organized. 

Check Expiration Dates

Get ready for a fresh start.

You most definitely do not want to bring any expired items, such as food or skincare products, into your new home. While you’re packing, check everything with an expiration date label, and discard the item accordingly. Remember, makeup can also expire; therefore, it is best to toss any you have not used in over a year.

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