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After the Move: How to Turn a New House Into a Home

The body conteYou have followed the best moving tips the Internet has to offer, and now you find yourself wondering what comes after the big move. The experts at Arrowsmith Moving & Storage suggest the following items should appear on your post-move checklist to help make your new house feel like a home. 

Transfer Your Utilities and Other Services

An essential item that should appear near the top of your moving checklist is to remember to take care of getting your utilities scheduled and set up before moving into your new house. Check your water, electric, propane, heating and cooling, Internet connections, and phone service as soon as possible. 

It would help if you also considered confirming the location of your new home's fuse box and water valves. It's far better to find them now so that if you are in a blackout or you need to cut the water for whatever reason, you'll be able to get there swiftly. Furthermore, your fuse box is likely to be in your basement while your home's water valve is typically positioned someplace around the exterior of your property.

Secure Your Home (ex. Change up the Locks)

Consider installing surveillance cameras or a fence to protect your pets from escaping (or giving intruders easy access to your property). Strong motion-sensor spotlights are also good at deterring would-be intruders.

Installing new locks in the house you just moved into is always a good idea. Even if the previous owner is not a worry, you never know who could have a key. Consider calling a locksmith or changing the locks yourself if you're comfortable doing so. 

Decorate and Make it Your Own

You will finally feel at home once you decorate your new abode according to your personal taste. If you followed the advice in our blog regarding
packing tips for moving, emptying those numerous boxes filled with your personal belongings should be less tedious, and you will begin to feel more comfortable in your new house. You should also consider switching things up a bit when it comes to your furniture placement. 

What worked in a room in your old house could probably be best served in a completely different setting. For example, a reading chair that worked well in the living room could find its new home in one of the bedrooms, giving you a cozy space to curl up with a good book. Have fun with how you decorate and be creative.

Get to Know Your New Area

Expanding your knowledge of your new neighbourhood will help you feel more at home and part of the community. Set out some time on your own or with your family to take a stroll in the neighbourhood. Perhaps stop and take the opportunity to introduce yourself to your neighbours as a way to establish good rapport and feel less alone in the area.

Being in a new home can feel a bit isolating and somewhat claustrophobic.
Get out there and learn more about what goes on in the area. Discover the local shopping district so you’re familiar with all the options available to you when it’s time to buy groceries or supplies.


Most importantly, when the big move is all said and done, take a moment to relax. Don’t overwhelm yourself by completing all the unpacking at once, so take it one day at a time. There is no rush to get everything in order, only the essentials like utilities and having your kitchen and bedroom set up. 

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Moving to a new home is an exciting adventure, and taking time to make your new house feel like a home is an important part of starting anew. Whether you are relocating in town or embarking on a long-distance move, let the experts at Arrowsmith Moving & Storage assist you with packing, storage, and moving. 

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