Packing books into a box

Unpacking Checklist to Make Your Move As Smooth As Possible

You have packed up all your belongings, made the long journey to your new home, and now comes the time to empty those boxes. Yes, it can be daunting and lengthy, but there is an optimal way to get it done.

We have some helpful tips that will make unpacking a breeze. The key is to stay organized and give yourself the time to do things properly. 

Walk Through Your House With Your Moving Company Before They Leave

Part of any moving checklist should involve double-checking if everything you own was packed correctly to be sent to your new home. Taking the time to go through your house one last time before your moving company prepares to take off lets you know if anything was forgotten or left behind by accident. You should proceed by doing the same thing once you arrive at your new home.

Verify that each room has its respective boxes. If one box is misplaced, kindly ask your moving professional to transfer it to the correct room. 

It is better to organize yourself to make the unpacking much smoother and less of a headache. Think of it as a sort of “mise-en-place” but for unpacking.

It is also good to walk through your new home with your moving company to ensure that no damage was done, whether to your new home or the furniture transported.

Unpack One Room at a Time

Rather than unpacking boxes in a random order, focus on unpacking one room at a time. Doing so will help you focus on the enormous task at hand and give you a clear indicator of your progress. 

You can mentally scratch off which rooms are to be done and ready to enjoy. This is much better than working in a scattered mess. 

Set Up the Bathroom Immediately

One of the most underrated moving tips is to get your bathroom ready to go. We mentioned going room by room, and the bathroom should be number one on your list. We recommend cleaning it first to be on the safe side.

Once it has been cleaned to your satisfaction, set up your bathroom with all the everyday necessities: toilet paper, soap, shampoo, and other personal hygiene items, install your shower curtain, and place bath mats to avoid nasty slips and falls. 

Dispose of Packing Materials As You Go

Try to work as cleanly as possible by tossing away packing materials with each box you empty. Working in a chaotic environment will make things more difficult for you and leave you overwhelmed and stressed. Staying organized and cleaning as you unpack will give you the necessary space to work on your furniture placement. 

Don’t Rush Unpacking

Moving is a long and often mentally draining process. Take away the pressure on yourself to empty boxes as quickly as possible. Setting up your new home is not a race, so pace yourself and take all the time necessary to place the furniture to your liking. 

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